Are You Protected Against Cyber Threats?

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, it’s likely that you and your employees are spending a little more time at home these days! In fact, an article by the Toronto Star showed that, as of summer 2020, nearly 60% of businesses had their staff working from home. And while remote work seems wonderful at its core—fewer office expenses, shorter commutes and bottomless coffee—it also poses new concerns related to personal cyber security.

In addition to protecting small business owners, corporations and remote workers from cyber threats, our team of insurance brokers wants to help educate you on cyber insurance products that can protect you from increased vulnerability of spending more time online.

Your Best Defense Against Cyber Attacks is a Comprehensive Cyber Insurance Policy!

Working remotely feels relatively risk-free. You’re working from the comfort of your own space, can keep an eye on your devices and can easily gain access to your company’s Cloud drive. But insurance providers across Canada are starting to roll out new products to help Canadian business owners protect their business with policies that cater to both personal and professional data.

And with more screens, passwords and smart devices to connect, sync and update, your employees are more exposed to cyber-attacks that ever! Protect yourself from losing vital data with the Cyberboxx™ policy from BOXX Insurance. BOXX Insurance’s innovative cyber security package gives you not only the insurance you need to protect your business against cyber-attacks, but also the educational resources necessary to understand and minimize cyber-attacks before they happen.

Business owners can enjoy the following benefits of Cyberboxx:

  • Exclusive access to BOXX Academy, an online program that is designed to help businesses and their employees reduce the risk of cyber threats.
  • Additional work-from-home coverage for your employees and their devices.
  • Guidance from the Hackbusters™, BOXX insurance’s in-house team, who will help you respond to cyber incidents and their side effects.
  • Protection against brand harm, business interruption, security and privacy liability, fraud coverage, remediation costs and more!

Connect with your Acumen broker to learn more about how Cyberboxx™ can help your company and its employees maintain protect its reputation and its customers. If you’re looking for additional ideas on how to protect your business and personal information, we’re sharing a few tips from the Government of Canada website to help you educate yourself and your team on common forms of cyber-attacks, and how to identify them.

Improve your cyber security today with these simple steps:

  • Update Your Passwords: While it’s tempting to use a common name or simple word as a password, creating a strong password is proven to prevent against cyber-attacks. Remember to create unique passwords for each of your accounts and avoid sharing your password information with others.
  • Update Your Software: You know that update you’ve been putting off for months? Well, failing to update your software can open up your system to bugs, hackers and phishing scams that is blocked by more up-to-date software.
  • Secure Your Wi-Fi: Since Wi-Fi is a primary source of internet connection, it’s important to ensure that your internet is password protected. Unlike fibre optic internet, which uses hard-wired cables, Wi-Fi networks are prone to security threats.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links: Do your best to delete or avoid clicking on links and e-mails that are unknown to you. These seemingly innocent e-mails and download links can contain malicious spyware that is designed to steal your personal data!

For more information on safe cyber practices, check out the Get Cyber Safe website.

A Policy a Day Keeps the Hackers Away!

Our licensed insurance brokers are proud to provide dynamic solutions to employees working from home in Ontario. Using our large network of insurance providers, Acumen can provide both business owners and homeowners with the education and policies they need to keep themselves safe online. Contact our brokerage to discover how to increase your business’ protection and cyber education with Cyberboxx™ from BOXX insurance.