Fire up the Grill without Inflating Your Insurance Premiums.

As Ontarians continue to adapt to the shifting COVID-19 restrictions, one thing remains certain: people across the country have cultivated a greater appreciation for their backyards than ever before.

And now that the weather is getting warmer, fire pits, outdoor grills and cozy evening campfires are back on the rotation! But as you look forward to summer barbecues and late-night smores sessions, it’s important that, as a homeowner, you take care to follow your local fire guidelines and practice proper fire safety to keep your home, and family, safe from fire hazards.

So, before you stoke the outdoor fire pit, keep reading to stock up on fire safety tips to help you prevent a fire, in addition to purchasing home insurance, and protect yourself from costs associated with fire damage.

Fire Safety Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer!

When it comes to enjoying a serene backyard fire, it’s important to ensure that you’re following fire-related bylaws in your area. In an interview with MoneySense, Pete Karageorgos, director of consumer and industry relations for the Insurance Bureau of Canada, noted that for homeowners, understanding local bylaws is essential for protecting their home from fire-related damages. In fact, failure to comply with your municipality’s bylaws will affect your ability to file a claim with your insurance provider, noted Karageorgos, since the company “might claim you were negligent by not properly protecting your space.”

Therefore, ensuring that you have the proper home insurance policy and are following the fire rules outlined by your local municipality are just two ways that you can increase safety, and reduce costs, at home this summer.

Looking for more ways to stay safe? The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs offers excellent safety guidelines for both inside and outside your home, including barbecue safety, vacation property safety and more. We’re sharing a few of the many ways that homeowners can mitigate fire hazards during summer:

For Barbecues:

  • Place your grill or barbecue away from any combustible objects, like decks, chairs, your house and even foliage, or any object that is quick to ignite.
  • Do not leave your barbecue unattended while in use.
  • Hook up your hose near your barbecue so that it can be accessed easily in case of fire.

For Backyard Fires:

  • Check your municipality’s local fire restrictions.
  • When building a fire, keep it at least ten feet away from your house.
  • Clean your yard: remove any leaves, debris or chemicals that could be flammable.

Finally, review your home insurance policy! Although most basic home insurance policies will cover claims for fire damage, you’ll want to add a policy that’s specifically designed to protect your entire property from fire damage, not just your home’s interior. Do not assume that you have comprehensive coverage for all fire-related incidents that occur on your property. Have questions about your current policy and its coverages? Call your Acumen broker now!

Fire Safety Starts with a Comprehensive Insurance Policy.

Protect your beautiful backyard oasis and the people who you love by contacting Acumen today. Our knowledgeable insurance brokers will help you find a fire protection policy that will give you peace of mind all summer long. Contact our brokerage today!