Specialty Product: Fleet Insurance

vanfleet1192536_94741323Many businesses across this great country of ours thrive on services that are offered through vehicles. Taxi and limousine services, Paratransit operators, transport trucks, and delivery van companies – just to name few. Because these businesses are unique in nature, they require specialized insurance products to meet their needs.

Firstly, fleet insurance is ideal for a business that operates many different vehicles at one time. Fleet insurance covers five or more vehicles under one policy, offering many advantages over insuring each vehicle individually. Some benefits include:

  • Business owners often find significant savings by insuring a multi-vehicle fleet under one policy.
  • The entire fleet of vehicles have a single expiry date, making policies low-maintenance.
  • Vehicles do not necessarily need to be the same type or model to be under the same policy.
  • Adding and removing vehicles to the policy can be done at any time during the policy term.

Alternatively, trucking insurance is an insurance product that focuses specifically on truck operations companies. Why is a specific insurance product needed? These companies deal with specialized services, therefore they are in need of unique products, if and when an issue arises. When thinking about trucking insurance, companies focus on:

  • Combined deductibles
  • Emergency expenses
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Increased towing coverage limit
  • Personal effects coverage

Acumen Insurance Group is a full service, independent Insurance brokerage. Their enthusiastic staff of licensed insurance professionals are ready to provide you the absolute best solutions for your insurance needs. Considering themselves a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ when it comes to insurance services, they offer specialized types of products and services, including trucking and fleet insurance. They are able to customize insurance policies to suit specific client needs. For more information, email