Get Peace of Mind at Home with New Work from Home Policies

Prior to working from home, homeowners had home insurance and business owners had business insurance. Employees weren’t required to think about the specifics of insurance policies after they had punched out for the evening.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has redefined all previous notions of the workplace: New regulations, protocols and closures have pushed nearly 40% of Canadians into working from home. And, although working from home was formerly a rare, and even enviable, phenomenon, these statistics show that, for many employees, home is now a workplace!

But, as relaxing as working from home sounds, this transition from the office to home has left many homeowners, and even business owners, wondering about their existing insurance coverage.

What happens when something that would be covered at work, like a data or security breach, happens at home? And what can Ontarians do to better protect themselves, and the companies they work for, from possible liabilities?

Acumen Insurance Group wants to help you understand how to protect yourself. In addition to providing professional guidance on insurance and claims matters, we want to share with you how Intact insurance is helping Canadians work from home.

Protect Yourself Online!

According to Insurance Business Magazine, Intact insurance has created brand new products and services to assist Canadians who are working from home. New and existing policy holders can increase their protection online with cyber protection and identity coverage options. Intact is also offering these add-ons at discounted rates to make it easier for homeowners to safeguard themselves against cyber theft.

Purchasing a cyber insurance policy can also prevent your boss from shouldering the burden of liability costs associated with third-party data loss, which could result in lawsuits, fines and the cost of retrieving lost data.

Finally, the time that it takes to solve issues related to system recovery can impact overall revenue and productivity, too. These flexible add-ons will help you and your company keep your business safe.

Discover How Intact is Supporting You

In addition to its cyber coverage packages, Insurance Business Magazine announced that Intact would be rolling out new programs for policyholders. The new programs cover a range of services designed to help Canadians get the support they need during the pandemic.

For an overview of their most recent offerings, check out Insurance Business Magazine’s article to learn more about services from Intact! Access the article here.

For personalized guidance, advice and comprehensive coverage options, we invite you to reach out to Acumen! Our insurance brokers can assist you in navigating these uncertain times with insight, education and professional service. Get in touch with us today!