Make a Splash this Summer with These Pool Safety Tips

Summers in Ontario can often feel short—after months of salting your sidewalk, shoveling your driveway, and dealing with sub-zero temperatures, you’ve probably got heatwaves and Saturday pool days on the brain.

However, before you take off that pool cover and invite family and friends for an afternoon dip, it’s important to understand how you can prevent pool-related accidents. Did you know that, according to the to the Government of Canada’s Public Health Infobase, pool-related incidents are the number one cause of drowning-related hospitalizations in Canada? Of 232 drowning-related deaths recorded in 2019, 14% of those occurred in residential and publics pools.

While these statistics are indeed devastating, they illustrate the necessity of pool-safety. So, in addition to purchasing a home insurance policy, taking the time to implement safety measures around the pool can help keep your friends and family safe all summer long.

Pool Safety Tips That You Should Know

Whether you’re enjoying family time or hosting a party, here are just a few of the many ways that you can prevent drownings and pool-related injuries and liability at home:

1. Articulate the rules around the pool:

Prior to using the pool, it’s important that your guests understand and abide by your rules so that they can make safe, conscious decisions.

2. Conduct regular maintenance:

Pool owners are responsible for maintaining stairs, railings, diving boards, pool decks, water quality, chlorine levels, etc. Regular maintenance will not only keep your pool and yard looking great but create a safe environment for guests, too.

3. Limit alcohol consumption:

Heavy drinking in and around your pool should be discouraged, especially in large group settings, as it can impair judgement and reaction time.

4. Be considerate of all swimming abilities:

Knowing the depth of your pool, and keep flotation devices available, will help swimmers of all ages and abilities feel safe and comfortable.

5. Check local rules and regulations:

When it comes to pool standards, like gates, permits and more, always check with your city or municipality. Following proper requirements are important for your insurance.

6. Get the right insurance:

Unsure about how your pool affects your premiums? Book an appointment with a qualified insurance broker to ensure that your existing policy has the coverage you need to protect your guests and your home!

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