Planning Your Next Adventure? Travel Insurance Can Help!

Have you been avoiding travel since 2020? Whether you aspire to travel abroad or are in favour of a getaway closer to home, 2022 might be your year to take that trip you’ve been thinking about.

And no matter what your ideal vacation looks like, Acumen Insurance Group can provide you with the right travel insurance for your trip’s location and duration. Keep reading to learn how you can protect yourself, and your money, by reviewing your travel insurance and your airline’s cancellation policy!

The Right Travel Insurance for You

Since the spread of COVID-19, most Ontarians have avoided travel.

However, lessening restrictions and mandates have provided would-be travelers with a greater sense of ease and security even amidst a pandemic. However, even as we approach our new “normal” in 2022, you might be wondering: how can I make travel safer during a pandemic?

Because COVID-19 has forever changed the way that hotels, airlines, and other tourist attractions do business, purchasing travel insurance can provide you with extra protection and peace of mind. Policies that cover medical emergencies, sudden cancellations and even flight delays can ensure that you and your money are protected from sudden interruptions. Here’s how you can protect yourself before booking that vacation:

  • Talk to Your Broker:
    Looking to dip your toe back into the travelling world? Make an appointment with your Acumen insurance broker! Connecting with a broker can help you learn more about different policies, coverage options, and packages that insurance companies offer. Understanding what travel insurance is, and how it can protect you, will make feel confident when you travel. Your broker may also be able to direct you to policies that are specific to COVID-related cancellations.
  • Consider Single-or-Multiple Packages:   
    If you travel frequently or aren’t planning on taking another trip for a while, it’s important to consider your options. Some insurance providers, like Aviva, offer single or multi-trip packages that give the policy holder comprehensive travel insurance coverage. And purchasing a package that covers you for several trips can help you save money and get great coverage.
  • Review Travel Protection Policies:
    Some travel companies offer travel protection, which is sometimes offered by an agency to cover you in the event of a cancellation. But, as this article by Forbes demonstrates, travel protection isn’t the same as travel insurance. Whether it’s paying attention to the fine print after booking with an airline or understanding how a last-minute cancellation to an all-inclusive resort might cost you, carefully reviewing your coverage and asking informed questions can help you maximize your safety, and avoid unexpected cost, before, during and after your trip.

Kick off Your Vacation with a Trip to Acumen!

Although travel insurance can be expensive, the benefits of additional coverage are well-worth the price. Having the foresight to purchase a travel insurance policy can cover you in the event of an injury or illness, but also from unexpected cancellation costs due to COVID-19. Are you ready to plan a trip? Contact Acumen today to lean how to travel with confidence.