Questions You Can Ask To Get the Right Insurance Protection

We all have questions surrounding our home, car or business insurance that we may not take the time to consider until we need to use our insurance. Don't wait until you HAVE to know your policy and coverages, ask your insurance broker at Acumen Insurance these questions today.  An insurance broker is there for you. These questions will ensure you have the RIGHT insurance protection for you and your property or business.

HomeAcumen Insurance Home Insurance Hamilton Ontario

  1. What does my policy cover?
  2. Is there a specific kind of insurance for the type of home (e.g. house, condo or apartment) that I live in?
  3. Are there risks I can’t buy insurance for?
  4. Is optional coverage available for risks not normally included?
  5. Should I make a claim for every loss?

CarInsurance for Young DriversInsurance Brokers Hamilton

  1. If I get into a collision tomorrow, what kind of coverage can I expect from my policy?
  2. What optional coverage is available?
  3. Should I have collision insurance on an older car?
  4. What kind of deductible is recommended?
  5. Does the distance I travel affect my premium?

BusinessBusiness Insurance Ontario Acumen Insurance Group

  1. What kind of insurance do I need?
  2. Are there perils for which I can’t buy insurance?
  3. If my business is home-based do I need liability coverage?
  4. What does errors and omissions or malpractice insurance cover?
  5. What can I do to keep my rates down?


Your Protection is our Business

Our goal is simply to be the best and we are achieving this goal through our highly educated and licensed insurance brokers . Our management and staff are equipped to provide you with the absolute best solutions for your personal home and auto insurance needs while empowering you with knowledge of our industry. Brokers are a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of insurance and other preparedness.  They know how to ensure that you get all applicable discounts on the insurance you buy.  They are experts at risk assessment and how to properly protect you and your family’s interests with respect to Auto, Home and Business coverage. Call us today at (905) 574-7000 or email