Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Home and Car

Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely in the clear yet! The harsh effects of Ontario’s winters can often cause damage to the exterior of your home and vehicles.  So, in order to help you protect your property against unexpected costs and insurance claims, we’ve created a list of simple tips to help you inspect both your car and home for damage that may have been caused during the winter months. Why not spend some time outside with the kids while you conduct a bit of spring maintenance on your home and car? And, to make the warmer months especially care-free, make sure you connect with your insurance broker to ask about how you can bundle on home and auto insurance!   


Get Reacquainted with Your Home

After a long season of sub-zero temperatures, heavy parkas and sidewalk salt, taking the time to assess your home’s exterior can help you identify any potential cracks, leaks or damage that may have been caused by ice and snow—and avoid expensive home insurance claims. Some other tasks to consider include the following:

  1. Re-Caulk Your Windows: Enjoy some fresh air and inspect your home’s windows. Sometimes, cold temperatures can cause window sealants to crack. Over time, these cracks and holes can let moisture into your home, which can cause wood rot and mould damage, too.
  2. Do Some Spring Pruning: A great activity for the whole family, springtime landscaping can actively prevent damage to your home, since dead trees or overgrown branches can damage your electricity wires, car, and even your roof! Loose leaves and branches can also clog up your eavestroughs and lead to back-ups, so be sure to trim and prune accordingly.
  3. Speaking of Eavestroughs . . . when was the last time you really look at your downspouts or cleared out your eavestroughs? Poorly secured or cracked pipes won’t do your home any favours. Make sure that they’re sealed and positioned where they’re meant to be so that you can keep water moving away from your home.

Finally, assessing your driveway, walkways and patio for potential cracks or falling hazards can protect your family and your guests from tripping over cracked concrete, uneven bricks or loose gravel. Keeping your yard and exterior well cared for will not only protect you against water damage, but also potential liability claims from accidents or falls on your property.

Springtime Care for Your Car!

Because winter weather subjects your car to ice, snow and salt, regular maintenance will ensure that your car looks great and performs well, too. Although some aspects of auto maintenance are best attempted by professionals, we’re certain that soaping down the family van, or vacuuming the interior seats are just a few aspects of maintenance that your family will be happy to help with. You may also want to consider the following maintenance activities for your car:

  1. Check Your Tires: Whether you use winter tires or prefer all season tires, it’s a good idea to check your wheels for signs of wear. Replace worn-down tires or swap out your winter tires. Remember to also inspect the pressure on your current and spare tires too, since seasonal shifts in temperature can impact your tire pressure levels.
  2. Clean the Interior and Exterior: Keeping your car clean will lend you more than a sense of pride! Regularly removing unused items and caring for the upholstery can reduce odors and bacteria in your vehicle and ensure that your car is free of scratches, dents and dirt. Regular cleanings also have the potential to increase the resale price of your car, too.
  3. Hire a Professional: If you suspect your car needs more than a simple inspection or cleaning, take your car to your mechanic and request some spring-time maintenance services. Whether you need an oil change or would like to address problems with your doors, windows or engine, scheduling seasonal visits to the mechanic can keep your car, and your passengers, safe and comfortable.

Finally, Protect Yourself by Bundling Home and Auto Insurance!

Our final tip for maintaining optimal safety at home or on the road? Bundle your home and auto insurance! Combining your existing insurance policies gives you great protection and convenient savings all year long. Cross your home and auto insurance off of your springtime to-do list by calling your Acumen insurance broker today. Remember, there’s no protection quite like great insurance.