Why Canadians Need Travel Insurance for Domestic Travels

How many times do you travel in a year? If COVID-19 has impacted your vacation plans and has forced you to postpone a tropical vacation, family reunion or trip abroad, you may be wondering how you can better protect yourself from unexpected costs associated with cancellations or sudden illness in the coming days, weeks, and even years.

In June, CTV news reported that, although there are no formal rules for travel within Ontario, the province “strongly discourages non-essential trips” for the unforeseeable future. This article in Forbes also reminds travellers that securing a travel insurance policy related to COVID-19 may be very difficult because “many travel insurance companies stopped writing new policies,” which can leave individuals feeling vulnerable with regard to travel. These days, travelling in or out of province requires careful research and planning to maximize personal safety.

So, in a world of ever-changing policies, restrictions and provincial regulations, how can you keep yourself safe? Start planning your trip by reviewing our travel safety tips and schedule a consult with Acumen’s team of dedicated insurance brokers to find out how you can protect yourself and your family with our personalized travel insurance options!

Why do I need Travel Insurance in Canada?

Even prior to COVID-19, many people felt that travel insurance was an unnecessary precaution, especially for travel within Canada. However, with recent travel bans in mind, purchasing some form of travel insurance is your best defence against not only cancellation costs, but also medical bills.

In fact, outlines what isn’t covered through OHIP in other Canadian provinces or territories. Ambulance services, prescription drugs, private hospitals, and diagnostic and/or lab services are just a few of medical-related services that won’t be covered outside of Ontario. If your travels are work‑related, pertain to your education, or you already have an existing group benefits plan, you can contact our brokerage for a comprehensive review of your policy.

COVID-19 Travel Safety Tips

Because of travel bans and provincial regulations, many would-be travellers might feel the need to set their sights on local destinations within Ontario, or Canada, to satisfy their wanderlust. Although vacationing close to home appears to provide Ontarians with a sense of security and safety, keep in mind that travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic can still put you at-risk for illness or road-related accidents.

To maximize safety, we recommend using the following tips to help you have a safe and fun trip:

  1. Avoid non-essential travel where possible. The City of Toronto classifies non-essential travel as any travel that is related to tourism or recreation.
  2. If you must travel outside of Ontario, connect with your insurance broker to find out what coverage options are available to you. Unfortunately, OHIP will not cover you for interprovincial travel, so inquire about plans that will help you pay for medical emergencies.
  3. Check to make sure you have your health card and driver’s license and that they are up to date.

As always, maintain a social distance of six feet (two meters) between yourself and others and wear a face mask when social distancing is a challenge. For more tips on how to maintain proper hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please review these guidelines on the government of Ontario website.

Get Your Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan Today!

Purchasing a private travel insurance plan that caters to your individual needs, and reviewing your car insurance policy, can help you make new memories and find peace of mind during your travels. Don’t wait for an illness or cancellation—connect with our insurance brokerage to find out how our policies can give you cross-Canada coverage.