Andrew Cemka

Commercial Lines Insurance Broker

Commercial Lines Insurance Broker


Andrew has spent four years with Acumen Insurance Group and has 13 years’ worth of experience in the insurance industry. His education reflects his interest in all aspects of business as he holds multiple certificates from Mohawk College, including certificates in Marketing and Business Administration.

Andrew is musically inclined and earned music awards from the Conservatory of Music. His artistic and professional talents are reflected through his love of the different situations and people that the insurance industry has introduced him to. 

As a Commercial Insurance broker, he exercises great patience and compassion under pressure and will take the time to formulate specialized solutions for clients.   


A fun fact about me:

It takes a lot to get under my skin!

My idea of a perfect day:

Nice sunny day out on the golf course, nobody around or any sounds except the chirping of the birds.

A skill or talent that I would most like to learn:

Playing the drums.

If I could start a charity, it would be for:

Providing children with the resources and equipment they need to take part and join organized sports.

The biggest adventure that I’ve been on:

Not that adventurous.

Something I wish someone taught me a long time ago:


A common misconception about my job:

All insurance companies are crooks and are only in it for the money.