Sebastian Myslin

Personal Lines Account Executive

Personal Lines Account Executive


Sebastian joined Acumen to pursue a career in the insurance industry. Although he is just at the start of his insurance career, Sebastian has eight years of retail and food service experience behind him and is confident in his ability to provide exceptional customer service. Most recently, Sebastian obtained his RIBO Level 1 License. He is looking forward to flexing his retail skills by selling products and services to his customers. While he specializes in Auto Insurance, Sebastian’s interest in the food/retail and music industries have provided him with an extensive knowledge of insurance for restaurants and musical instruments 


What are your hobbies and/or interests?

Guitar – I play guitar often and can never get enough - passionate about rock music of all types. Mainly love 70s-90s era of rock music. I love food. Cooking it. Eating it, trying new things.

A fun fact about me

I will never say no to coffee. Ever.

The last goal I achieved

Make a sale in the first week.

My idea of a perfect day

Sun. Warmth. Green grass and trees. Hanging out with my lady our family/friends

My favourite thing to do in Hamilton or Mississauga (depending on office location):

Going to parks – bike ride, walks, kick or throw a ball around

A skill or talent that I would most like to learn

How to play the violin.

If I could start a charity, it would be for

Sports and equipment for kids of the less fortunate.

The biggest adventure that I’ve been on

aribbean cruise around the Islands, seeing amazing sights, experiencing new places, new people and learning things I never knew.

Something I wish someone taught me a long time ago

The little arrow on the side of the gas symbol on your dashboard indicates which side the gas tank is!

The thing that motivates me the most

My partner and a good income.

A useless fact that I know

It’s impossible to tickle yourself.

A common misconception about my job

We must get great insurance prices on our own homes and vehicles.