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Our brokerage is a proud part of its community.

For over 30 years, Acumen Insurance Group Inc. has been helping clients in Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Burlington,

Mississauga and the surrounding communities get the insurance coverage they deserve.

Our customers-first philosophy has enabled us to establish client relationships that are built on trust. From our humble beginnings to
operating two brokerages, our journey has always been locally based, entrenched in our community, and poised for growth.

Experienced Brokers

At Acumen, your insurance broker is also your personal advisor. Protect your family, home and business with specialized insurance advice.

Expansive Network

Our distribution network gives you access to a wide selection of some of the best insurers in the country, most of whom don’t sell directly to the public.

Established Brokerage

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built a reputation that’s founded on trust by providing personal consultations, competitive rates and custom quotes on a full range of insurance products and services to our community.

Client Advocacy

Making a claim is easy with an Acumen Insurance broker on your side. Get the education and assurance you need to move forward in your claims process.

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Long term relationship building is the cornerstone of our business. We believe individual attention is essential to make a positive impact and help our clients, our community.

We focus in performing a comprehensive needs analysis resulting in a plan that best suits the needs of that individual.


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To be wealth of knowledge on all aspects of insurance and other preparedness.

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To be your advocate with the insurance company.

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To put your interests first, before those of the insurance companies.

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To be flexible; you can communicate in whatever way you are most comfortable with or that fits into your busy life, such as telephone or email.


Acumen’s founder and president Sal Bagazzoli has devoted his decades-long career to providing citizens with dynamic insurance solutions that support individuals, families, business owners, and the community. Sal’s passion for knowledge and advocacy has been embraced by all of our insurance brokers, who are eager to provide you with excellent coverage and ongoing education.

Following his graduation in 1975, Sal worked as a claims representative for seven years before opening his own brokerage in 1983. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Bagazzoli Insurance Brokerage catered largely to personal lines insurance and added new services as it

acquired other small brokerages. In July 1998, the company officially changed its name to Acumen Insurance Group, which reflects its commitment to provide “business acumen,” or business sense, to its clients, and to put their needs first.

Today, Acumen’s experienced brokers are proud to serve both the greater Hamilton and Mississauga regions, where they advise on personal, business and group life insurance plans. Our staff are passionate about educating you on insurance matters and will work tirelessly to provide you with not only flexible insurance, but also keen insights to help protect your assets.

Accessible Customer Service Plan

Acumen Insurance Group is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities. To read our detailed Accessible Customer Service Plan, please see below.



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