Discover Free-Range Farm Insurance with Acumen!

Ah, September! Whether you’re looking forward to putting on your best flannel, taking the kids out apple picking or prepping for Autumn’s harvest, Fall’s rich warmth and crinkled leaves are welcome reminders of the passage of time.

September’s sudden arrival can bring a whole host of stress, excitement, and regret as we wonder how summer could have slipped away so soon—and, if you’re an entrepreneur who works in the farming industry, the autumn season could have an influence on the way you approach your business. Whether you’re wrapping up another growing season or are continuing to care for precious livestock, Acumen’s farming insurance expert Michael Miller is here to provide you with not only guidance but also specialized insurance to ensure that your farm is protected during every season.

Bring Home the Bacon with Custom Farm Insurance Policies

What do hobby farms have in common with large-scale dairy farms? They both need specialized insurance coverage! But, after a long day toiling in the field or tending to livestock, we realize that it can be difficult to find time to do your own research. Farming is a full-time job!

So, that’s where Acumen’s team is ready to help: As a qualified insurance broker, our farming specialist Michael will give you personalized advice and knowledgeable insights to help you find the farm insurance you need to bring home the bacon...without all the extra work of course! Calling an insurance broker will allow you to not only protect your business, but also educate yourself on farm insurance options that are available to you.

If you’re in the agricultural industry, here are just a few ways that a specialized farm insurance policy can keep your business safe and enable you to support your community, too:

  1. Residential Dwelling Coverage: Home is where the farm is—so, protect it with relevant insurance solutions. Because there are unique risks associated with owning a farm, Acumen will help you review and understand the coverage options that exist for farmhouses.
  2. Equipment Breakdown: The best tool for protecting your equipment is insurance. Whether you rely on a small truck or an industrial tractor to do your job, purchasing the appropriate farming equipment insurance can alleviate the cost of, and losses from, an equipment breakdown.
  3. Protection for Livestock, Produce, and Structures: Your animals, crops and structures are all part of your business—and, if things go wrong, you’ll need specialized insurance to protect you from business interruptions that are caused by damaged equipment, droughts, toppled structures and more.

Reliable Farm Insurance for All Types of Farmers.

Farming is hard—but getting insurance? We think that should be easy. If you’re looking for farmers insurance in Ontario, contact Acumen Insurance Group. Our agents have experience working with farming and agriculture businesses and therefore have the necessary insight and knowledge to help you get the coverage you need to keep farming. Reach out to us today to get insurance that works as hard as you do!