Home Business Insurance


There are many hard working Entrepreneurs across Canada that earn a good living by operating a business from the comfort of their own home. An excellent way to balance work and family life, running a home-based business has many advantages and benefits. However, depending on what you do, a home-based business can also affect your current home insurance package: so it is vital to ensure that you and your business are covered properly.

Unfortunately, your home insurance plan is not designed to provide enough coverage for items that are business specific. Especially if you keep valuable inventory or expensive business-related equipment within your home. While some property coverage may be available through your home insurance policy, there is usually a limit that won’t come close to covering all your business needs.

A comprehensive home business insurance package can cover everything you need to run your business, including furniture, equipment, desktop and laptop computer, software, mobile phone and fax machine. It also includes items that you stock, or goods that you hold for sale. A proper home-based insurance policy will also cover additional liability for when clients, delivery personnel or employees drop by.

Even if your company happens to be a part-time thing, you need to consider this type of insurance coverage to ensure you and your business are secure. So who would benefit from this type of insurance? Home business insurance is ideal for:

• Businesses occupying less than 50% of your residence.
• Companies that are operated by two people at most.
• Home-based business that have annual gross receipts of up to $75,000.

Lastly, home-based business insurance can easily be added to your existing home insurance policy. Make sure to talk to your insurance representative for additional details.

Acumen Insurance Group is a full service, independent Insurance brokerage that can offer you an affordable but comprehensive insurance package design specifically for your home-based business. Their enthusiastic staff of licensed insurance professionals are ready to provide you the absolute best solutions for your insurance needs.