How to Check Your Driving Record

With those winter tires back in storage, you’re probably looking forward to sunny, springtime drives and spontaneous weekend road trips. And, as we look forward to clearer, safer roads, maybe you’re thinking of reviewing your auto insurance rate, too.

But did you know that checking your driving record can help you do it all? Whether you’re disputing a claim, renewing your auto insurance or simply just curious, checking your driving record can help you gain a better understanding of not only your driving habits, but also your insurance options.

But do you know how to check it? Keep reading to find out!

Why Your Ontario Driving Record Matters

Did you know that your driving history can impact everything from your employability to your insurance premiums? If you’re looking for the best car insurance rates in Ontario, we want to show you how to check your driving record, and explain the benefits of checking your driving record, too.

While most insurance brokers and companies have the ability to check your driver record automatically, getting an Ontario driving record is easy: all you have to do is visit the Service Ontario website, call, or stop into the location nearest to you, and request a certified or uncertified record: In most cases, you won’t need a certified record unless it’s required for legal purposes.

Here are two commonly requested uncertified driving records:

  • The uncertified 3-year driver record: includes your driver details, total number of demerit points, and any active fine suspensions that you’ve incurred over the last three years.
  • The uncertified driver’s license history: This outlines your identification details, courses you’ve completed, license renewals, class changes, and your past and current mailing addresses.

An uncertified 3-year record is the most common and is available immediately if ordered online. An uncertified driver’s license history is traditionally used for auto insurance.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Driving Record

  • Applying for a car insurance policy in Ontario: understanding how your driving record can influence your premiums can help you set goals and be strategic about your insurance deductibles.
  • Updating or renewing your car insurance policy: Your driving record will be considered if you’re being added to a company’s car insurance policy, your parent’s policy, or even when you buy a new vehicle.
  • Protecting yourself in court: Did you know that knowing your driving record can help you settle court cases made against you for on-the-road incidents?
  • Applying for a job: If your job requires you to travel or operate a company vehicle, employers may consider your driving record as part of the hiring process.

Got a Great Driving Record? Discover Great Auto Insurance Rates with Acumen!

If you’ve got a great driving record and are ready to review your latest auto insurance policy, contact your Acumen broker today to learn about car insurance options today! Discover how your driving record can get you to a better rate now.