How to Switch Your Home Insurance

Is your home insurance still stuck in 2021? While finding new home insurance may not have been your first resolution of 2022, did you know that switching up your home insurance provider can help you save money on premiums and boost your protection?

Whether you need help comparing rates, reviewing your current policy, or simply want to inform your insurance company that you’d like to switch your policy, Acumen’s insurance brokers can help you discover your best home insurance yet.  

Better Premiums Start with Your Insurance Broker

You don’t need to move into a new home to switch up your home insurance policy: whether you want to find competitive rates, renew your policy, or are looking for specialized coverage, Acumen’s team of insurance brokers are here to help you find a home insurance policy that works for you.

Here’s how our team can help you “move in” on a new home insurance policy this January:

  1. What’s in a Premium?

Sometimes, your insurance premiums can fluctuate depending on your age, your house’s age and more. If you’re a first-time home buyer or are purchasing an insurance policy from another insurance company, you’ll want to ensure that you can provide detailed information about your home so that you can get the most accurate rate possible.

  1. Review Insurance Rates

Looking for a preferred rate? Before making the switch, we’d recommend requesting your home insurance quote online, or over-the-phone, to compare and review insurance rates and coverage from insurance providers across Ontario. If you’re not sure how to go about comparing rates, ask your insurance broker today!

Understanding not only the cost, but also the coverage that is offered can help you make informed decisions about your home insurance.

  1. Speak to an Insurance Broker

Are you having trouble finding the home insurance coverage you want? Your Acumen brokers have access to a wide selection of insurance providers in Ontario, which enables them to find flexible, affordable coverage for home insurance clients. After determining your immediate needs and current coverage package, your insurance broker will help you find and select home insurance policies that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Remember, your broker can offer specialized insights that consider more than just price.

  1. Notify Your Broker When You Cancel

Regardless of whether you purchased insurance through an insurance broker or company, you’ll need to notify your insurance agent or broker when you switch your policy.

Communicating your intentions right away can help you avoid additional monthly costs or loss of coverage when you’re waiting for your new policy to activate.

  1. Don’t Forget to Bundle!

Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowner, bundling your home insurance with your auto insurance can help you enjoy additional savings and more coverage than a standalone policy. Contact your broker today to learn about available bundles.

New Insurance Looks Good on Everyone

We know that keeping up with your new years’ resolutions can be time-consuming—and that’s why your Acumen broker is here to help. Whether you’re starting the new year off in a new place, or are enjoying another January in your heritage home, Acumen’s team has you covered for all your home insurance needs. Connect with us today to switch your home insurance policy this year.