Why Roofing Insurance Matters

How do you know when it’s summer? Well, just count the number of roofers that are doing work in your neighbourhood!

In addition to warmer days and gorgeous summer evenings, you may have noticed that your local contractors and roofers are busier than ever. But, despite the work they do to keep our shingles secure, roofing companies and their employees have far more to worry about than just repairing roofs:

Due to the high-risk nature of the industry, roofing companies and employees must do everything they can to establish a safe and productive environment that benefits not only their company, but also their employees and clients, too.

How Roofers Can Protect Their Assets

So, how exactly can roofing companies safeguard not only their employees and customers but also their assets? Well, that’s where we come in! Here are three simple ways that you can protect your employees from on-the-job accidents, and your business from liability claims, losses and more:

  1. Ensure all Employees Are Following Safety Procedures.

    Unlike working in an office or on the ground, working on a roof requires workers and employees to have a comprehensive understanding of not only roofing, but also the dangers that come with working at heights.

    Both supervisors and workers must be conscious of height-based hazards, such as safety procedures, structure failures, rope systems, ladder placement and more. Business owners must do their utmost to ensure that staff are following proper safety protocols throughout the day.

    Failure to enforce safety in the workplace may result in a claim or fine. In Ontario, a contractor and roofing company were fined when an employee was hurt falling from heights: An investigation determined that the employers had gone against the Occupational Health and Safety Act and were fined over $50,000 in damages for failure to comply.
  1. Provide PPE and Training:

    In addition to ensuring that employees working at heights are following proper safety procedures, roofing company owners must also provide employees with the proper training and materials that they need to stay safe.

    To safeguard against height-related accidents, roofing company owners can evaluate existing safety training procedures, PPE, and equipment to identify any gaps in training or resources.

    Encouraging roofers to participate in safety training, provide feedback, and to come forward with their concerns can help business owners refine safety training programs. 
  1. Talk to Your Acumen Broker!

    If you own a roofing company and are looking for more ways to protect your employees and your company, Acumen insurance group offers a wide variety of specialized commercial insurance options that can help you not only protect your company from unforeseen accidents, but also your staff and clients, too. Some Specialized options include flexible policies, hot work operations general liability and more.

    Our knowledgeable brokers specialize in a variety of high-risk business, which means that you’ll have access to some of the best rates and coverage options in Ontario.

Discover Specialized Roofer’s Insurance Today

Whether reviewing your policy is part of your business plan, or you want some help getting started, Acumen Insurance Group is prepared to assist you in all things insurance. Contact us today to improve your roofing company’s safety from the ground up!