Wind Storm Watch

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When you think of windstorms and tornados, images of Dorothy, Toto, and living in Kansas come to mind! However, these storms do happen in our neck of the woods and can be a destructive reality. In Canada, tornado season typically runs between March and October, with activity peaking in late June or early July. Accompanied by thunder, lightning and high winds, the average wind storm causes a damage swath of approximately six kilometres in length.

Before disaster strikes, it is imperative for you and your family to create an emergency plan. Regardless of age, each member of your family needs to understand what to do and where to take shelter when a storm such as this occurs: whether you are at home, work or school. Gather and store a 72-hour emergency supply kit. Items should include enough water and non-perishable foods that can last your family for three days, battery-powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries, first aid kit, sturdy shoes for each family member, cash and essential prescription medications.

Equally as important, you need to ensure you are covered with insurance. Damage to homes and businesses caused by hail or wind is generally offered within your insurance policy. This includes any incidents caused flying debris, falling branches or trees. Also included are contents that may be damaged within your home or business when water enters through openings caused by wind or hail.

Damage to cars from wind, hail or water is typically covered if you have comprehensive or all-perils car insurance. This type of coverage is not mandatory, so make sure you check your policy.

Additionally, there are times when homeowners are unable to live in their homes because of insurable damage. During these circumstances, additional living expenses are provided. At any rate, it is best to review your policy and talk to your insurance representative for more information.

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