Car Insurance

Protection that goes the extra mile.

All Ontario drivers are required to have liability coverage—but not all car insurance is made equal. Insurers offer many types of coverage plans to protect vehicle owners and drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and property following a collision. ​
Regardless of whether you’re a new driver, a seasoned commuter, or classic car enthusiast, Acumen is committed to helping you understand how your car insurance can protect you, other people, and even your property, from an accident.

Are you ready to switch gears on your car insurance?

Is Car Insurance Mandatory in Ontario?

Both provincial and territorial governments require that vehicle owners purchase basic car insurance. Physical damage coverage (Collision & Comprehensive) is optional. Contact Acumen to improve your coverage with additional policies for Collision, Specified Perils, Comprehensive, and All Perils.  


How Are Car Insurance Premiums Calculated?

The premiums you pay aren’t randomly generated—they’re based on a number of factors that consider the make, model, and age of your vehicle as well as the cost of repairs and your driving record. Talk to one of Acumen’s insurance brokers today to learn how to lower your premiums.

How Can Young Drivers Save on Car Insurance?

It’s statistically proven that young drivers are more likely to get into an accident, which means insurance premiums are even higher for new drivers. If you’re a new or young driver, contact us.

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