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Why you need Water ProtectionWhy you need Water Protection

Weather patterns are changing worldwide, a trend that’s affecting Canada directly.  Over the past 60 years, average temperatures have increased by 1.3°C, and average rainfall has increased by 12%.  The end result is staggering:

Canada now has 20 times the storms and floods that we had just two decades ago – and major floods represent almost 40% of all natural disasters ever recorded in this country.

And it’s not just overflow from rivers and lakes – damage from storms, spring thaw and other fresh water flooding is occurring everywhere.

Did you know?
• Canada has an average of 20 more rain days a year than in the 1950s.
• Severe weather events that used to happen every 40 years can now be expected to happen every six years.

Why you need Water Protection

Acumen Insurance represents a number of insurers that offer the enhanced water protection against damage caused by storm activity and flooding, eaves, downspouts, drains and sewer backup.    Please contact us today for details on the water coverages available!

If you qualify for this coverage, we will not distinguish between whether the damage was caused by sewer backup or flooding from eaves, downspouts or drains. You have the confidence of knowing you’re covered.

At Acumen Insurance our brokers use their professional knowledge and experience to help you properly assess your insurance needs, shop for the best value in insurance coverage and help you in the event of a claim. Our brokers will help you with a quote on line or over the phone, but personal consultations are encouraged, to answer any questions you may have, ensure there are no misunderstandings and no detail is overlooked. Contact us today!

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