Pan Am Games & Your Insurance

panam_logo_enWith the Pan Am Games only days away and the Parapan Am Games shortly after, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will see an influx of athletes, coaches and fans. If you are considering renting your home to game attendees, Acumen Insurance and Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) recommends making sure you are properly insured.

"Most home insurance policies anticipate that family or friends will use your house from time to time.  However, when renting your property, it's important to check your policy with your home insurance representative," says Ralph Palumbo, Vice-President, Ontario, IBC. "Before the Games, review your insurance policy, call your insurance representative and ask questions. Consumers can also contact IBC's Consumer Information Centre. We're here to help."

IBC encourages consumers in Ontario and across the country to become insurance aware: regularly review insurance policies; ask questions to insurance representatives about limits, deductibles and exclusions; and shop around to find the right policy for your unique needs.

Scores of people will be attending the Pan Am Games in the GTA and surrounding Ontario communities, adds Palumbo. "With more people on the roads, the likelihood of collisions can increase. Be sure to put down your phone and drive according to road conditions."

If you choose to use your car to transport customers for payment, check with your insurance representative to make sure you have proper coverage.

We are happy to share our extensive knowledge of home, auto and  sport risk management to minimize the risk of serious injury without affecting the considerable benefit of participating in sport. Let us help you design the insurance plan that is right for you. Call (905) 574-7000 to find out more information today.