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Winterizing your Business - Property & Premises

Feb 6, 2018 11:08:27 AM
You work hard to build and maintain your business. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re protected from all potential losses – especially when they’re avoidable. Whether we experience a mild winter or harsh storms, the cold season can cause property damage and safety concerns. By preparing your business premises in advance, you can reduce winter’s impact on you, your staff and your customers.

Questions You Can Ask To Get the Right Insurance Protection

Mar 28, 2017 9:00:31 AM
We all have questions surrounding our home, car or business insurance that we may not take the time to consider until we need to use our insurance. Don't wait until you HAVE to know your policy and coverages, ask your insurance broker at Acumen Insurance these questions today. An insurance broker is there for you. These questions will ensure you have the RIGHT insurance protection for you and your property or business.

Flood Damage & Your Property

Oct 3, 2016 12:06:55 PM
Until recently, flood damage insurance has not been on top of mind for Central Ontario business and home owners. That all changed this fall, with increasingly unstable weather patterns and the heavy, slow-moving thunderstorm that slammed Windsor this past week: last year Toronto was waist-deep in water damage.

Home Based Business Insurance Myths

Sep 29, 2015 6:27:28 AM
Owning a business demands discipline, working long hours and taking on numerous responsibilities. This investment of your time and resources should have the right insurance coverage, even if you work from home. Many home-based business owners wrongfully assume that their home insurance covers their business activities in the home. In fact, running a home-based business, without notifying your insurance provider, may void your policy altogether.

Commercial Insurance: Why Your Company Needs Coverage

Apr 1, 2015 8:18:36 AM
Building a business is hard work and requires a major investment of your time, money, and energy. When you have put all that into creating a company you can be proud of, the last thing you want is to lose it all to a lawsuit, an accident, or a theft. Commercial insurance exists to protect you, your company, and all your employees from the many risks out there that could threaten everything you have worked to create.

What you DON'T know about Business Insurance

Feb 18, 2015 10:37:57 AM
A commercial insurance policy is designed to protect the widely varying needs of businesses large and small. Because there are so many different types of commercial operations, there are many different kinds of commercial insurance. However, there are a few types which are standard for most businesses, and these fall into a couple of categories: business property insurance & liability insurance.