Small Business Insurance

Sep 3, 2020 4:46:34 PM
Small businesses may not have many employees or large offices, but they still require the right insurance coverage to protect all of their assets. Especially when you are starting up a small business, you can’t afford to be without a good and comprehensive commercial insurance policy. What that entails is a package that includes the basics of commercial insurance: liability and business property, and, depending on your line of work, any other requisites to properly cover your company. 

Cyber Insurance in Ontario

Sep 3, 2020 4:45:21 PM
A privacy breach can include the loss, theft, or unauthorized access to or use of personal customer or employee information. With our cyber insurance coverage, we help you get back to business in the event you are targeted, with coverage for remediation expenses, business interruption loss and certain legal expenses. 

Protect Yourself and Your Tenants with Student Rental Insurance

Sep 3, 2020 4:44:48 PM
Student residential rental property insurance for landlords who rent one- to four-unit occupied properties, from single family homes and condo units to duplexes and fourplexes. You put care into maintaining your rental property. You do your best to choose good tenants. You’re just as careful about choosing the right insurance coverage. We understand how important your investment is to you. We can provide you with a competitive quote with your student rental insurance application in Hamilton. 

Car Insurance Hamilton & Mississauga

Sep 3, 2020 4:43:53 PM
Options for Car Insurance in Hamilton & Mississauga Required by law across Canada, Hamilton car insurance covers the owner/driver, passengers, pedestrians and property affected by a vehicle collision. ​ Once behind the wheel, the possibility of something going very wrong is very real. As a driver, the life and property of your passengers, fellow drivers and pedestrians is in your hands. Whether you’re just learning, commute every weekday or enjoy Sunday drives in your classic car, it’s important to understand how car insurance in Hamilton, Ontario works.

Product Liability

Sep 3, 2020 4:43:23 PM
Product liability refers to situations where a customer purchases a product, and an issue with the product causes a bodily injury or property damage. Business owners can be found responsible for the damages if the source of the issue can be traced back to the small business. Some of the common issues customers encounter that result in product liability claims include: